Interview: Sylvia Hubbard

Tell us about yourself.

I am first and foremost a person deeply and devoted to words – a writer and a reader, always wanting more. Words are my drugs. Words are my life. Words are my Everything. Being a mother, a woman and a human being becomes secondary in my life.

Share a bit about your latest book or what you’re currently working on.

October will be the release of Emperor’s Heart – an romance suspense that brings out most of the Heart Family Series I’ve been working on for almost ten years. This is an expected to give the readers the insight they need into the Heart family and take new readers on a ride with heart stopping page turning fun.

What do you like the most about romantic suspense?

I like keeping people on the edge of their seats all the while weaving a beautiful happily ever after in the end.Do you write other genres? If so, what are they? Other than erotic contemporary, romance suspense has always been my love from day one  when I finally figured out my voice.

Who are some of your favorite romantic suspense authors?

Nora Roberts hands down and Beverly Jenkins.

Do you write series, standalones, or both?

I write both. If you write both, which is your most favorite to write? That’s hard to answer. All of my stories start as standalones and some then pan out to series.

What three things make the perfect heroine in a romantic suspense novel?

Growth, honesty and curves

What three things make the perfect villain in a suspense novel?

Selfishness, malice and a great smile

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your writing?

Reality is harder to believe than fiction

Are you trade published, self-published, or hybrid?


What method of promotion do you find most rewarding and why?

Bloggers. They really get people talking about your writing.

What method to you prefer most as a reader, ebooks or print? Why?

Both. Ebooks because the ease to get them and read them and print because I just love to hold a good book in my hands.

What’s a genre that you’re intimidated by but would like to write in?


What makes your work standout among the rest?

There’s never just one thing going wrong in the protagonists lives and the male protagonist always have a unique fault that could be scary to some, yet only the right woman can love them.

I am a big fan of cross promotion between authors. Do you utilize cross promotion and if so, what cross promotion have you done?

I did a Hotter in February promotion with an author where we posted interviews, reviews and features about each other on our websites. I sold more of my books that month than I usually did. I loved it and would love to do it again.

What can readers expect from you next?

Book 2 of the Emperor’s series called Emperor’s Heart then the release of His Substitute Wife… My Sister by the end of the year. Afterwards, I’m busy working on King’s Paradise and Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart which will hopefully come out by next year.

Connect with Sylvia Hubbard:





 EXCERPT FROM EMPEROR’S HEART (release Oct 2, 2013):

Reese remembered how Eartha told her that Emperor designed the house specifically so that it was his own design – unique and relaxing, yet complex.

There was certainly complexity around this place, Reese thought as she mounted the stairs hoping she was going the right way.

As she came to the top of the darkened stairway, she opened the door in front of her and she was positive she stepped into some type of sinful pleasure den.

Black was the primary color scheme as she stared at the huge bed bathe in black silk sheets. Above her head, was a large sunroof with special shutters to block or give way to the sunlight. Currently the shutters were open and the room was soaked in natural light.

The black carpet was soft and soothing under her feet. Yet despite the rest of the opulent room, she couldn’t take her eyes off the bed and that was where she found herself standing next to. Slowly, she reached her hand out and placed it on the pillow that was still dented from his head. Leaning down, she buried her face in the silk fabric, smelling his essence still vibrant.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” a deep voice growled behind her.

She turned around and screamed at the naked giant holding a .22 caliber in her face.

Dropping the folder, she pressed her back against the nearest wall beside the bed, her light gray/blue eyes wide in fright.

Emperor Heart’s dark eyes looked in disbelief as he realized who she was, but that still didn’t prompt him to lower his gun because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!” he repeated, but this time his tone was not so sharp.

Her lips moved, but nothing came out of her throat. All those witty remarks she had planned to say just left her brain as she took in his nakedness; Especially the long limp staff that went halfway down his thigh nestled in golf sized dark brown orbs the same shade as the rest of his skin with silky hairs neatly trimmed.


5 responses to “Interview: Sylvia Hubbard

  1. I’m so happy for you Sylvia….. I’m one of your biggest fan …I till all my friend who love to read ,, how good your books are keep up the good work

  2. Aww this was really good. I loved how it gave me a bigger insight into Mrs Sylvia. Especially her fav authors Beverly Jenkins. I’m kind of young 🙂 but I love her books also. 1920’s romance is so fun. Haha. This also gave me a big update on the status of future books which I’m very excited about. Thanks again. Xoxo

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