Interview: Geri Foster

Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been writing for ten years while learning my craft and mastering my voice. I belong to RWA, DARA, and Yellow Rose RWA chapters. I’m a full-time writer and live with my husband and my dog Lola.

Share a bit about your latest book or what you’re currently working on.

Currently I’m working on a novella in the Falcon Series.

What do you like the most about romantic suspense?

Oh God! The action of course.

Do you write other genres? If so, what are they?

I’m working on a Paranormal, but it’s like a Romantic Suspense with Warlocks and Vampires.

Who are some of your favorite romantic suspense authors?

Cherry Adair, Colleen Thompson, and Cindy Gerard

Do you write series, standalones, or both? If you write both, which is your most favorite to write?

I’m doing two series at this time. I haven’t done a standalone yet.

What three things make the perfect heroine in a romantic suspense novel?

Smarts, feisty, and stronger than she thinks.

What three things make the perfect villain in a suspense novel?

He has to be a dirty, rotten SOB that every reader wants to die.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your writing?

Mostly that I can do it. My friend and family often wonder how I come up with all this stuff.  I tell them I wonder why they don’t.

Are you trade published, self-published, or hybrid?


What method of promotion do you find most rewarding and why?

Facebook. I think there people get a sample of your personality.

What method do you prefer most as a reader, ebooks or print? Why?

Ebooks. I finally have half my house back.

What’s a genre that you’re intimidated by but would like to write in?

In my writing career, I always do what scares me most. So, if I think I want to write a certain genre, I’ll do just to see if I can. Hence, the Paranormal.

What makes your work standout among the rest?

I think it’s my pacing. In my reviews it’s always about how the plot zings. I like that.

I am a big fan of cross promotion between authors. Do you utilize cross promotion and if so, what cross promotion have you done?

I belong to a lot of groups so every chance I get. I’ll mention a friends book on FB or Twitter and on my launches.

What can readers expect from you next?

My novella is the story of the secretary for Falcon Securities. She’s had a rough life, but cleaned herself up with the help of her boss, when out of nowhere, her ex-pimp comes back for something Zoe doesn’t even know she has.

Thanks for joining us!


Facebook: http://www.facebook/gerifoster1



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